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LED lamp and power supply used in Engineering

LED lamp and power supply used in Engineering

What are the requirements for LED lamp set when using constant current power supply?

The output current of the constant current source must correspond to the sum of the current on the number of branches of the LED lamp. The number of LED on the branch can be increased and reduced in the output voltage range, for example, the output current of the constant current power supply is at 700mA, the output voltage is 2.5V~12V; the LED lamps and lanterns work current is 350mA, and the working voltage of a single LED lamp is 3.2, then LED The number of branches is 2, and the number of LED lights on the branch is increased by 1~4.

It is best to drive a single LED lamp. If the driver is multiplexed, one of the paths will open, and the flow will be added to other branches, resulting in LED overcurrent and burning LED. To avoid this problem, add an equalization circuit on the LED lamp, for example, a LED burned out, and the bypass components automatically short-circuit, so that other LED works normally.

What is efficiency?

Because of the inevitable loss of energy in the process of transformation and transmission. So the output power is always less than the input power. For example, when the power supply is working, various components and lines have resistance, and the power will be heated. This part of the heat is energy loss, so the output power is always less than the input power. In order to measure the extent of energy loss during conversion and transfer, the ratio of the output power of the electrical equipment to the input power is defined as the efficiency of the electrical equipment. The efficiency is represented by the letter H.

The high efficiency power supply can save energy, and the high efficiency power supply itself has low calorific value and small temperature rise, which can prolong the service life.


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