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On the history of the dimmer

On the history of the dimmer

The earliest recorded dimmer is Woods's "safety dimmer". It was published in 1890, and the dimmer is likely to cause a fire before that. The early dimmer is a large dimmer by direct control of the operation manual, which means that all power is controlled by the lighting position, which can be inconvenient and potentially dangerous, especially with a large number of channels, high power lamps or both (such as stage ballroom or other similar sites).

When the thyristor dimmer is put into use, the analog remote control system (usually 0 - 10V lighting control system) is feasible. Compared with the previous heavy power cable lighting system, the control system of the line is much smaller (low current and lower risk). Each press has its own control line, which means that a large number of wires leave the lighting control position and the operation of each gloomy. Modern systems use digital control protocols such as DMX512, ETCnet, or ETCnet2 [1] to control a large number of dimmer (and other stage equipment) through a cable.