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Reduction of import tariffs on some commodities

Reduction of import tariffs on some commodities

The Customs General Administration said that in 2015, considering the development of domestic industry and technology and the needs of foreign trade, the provisional tariff rate of imports was adjusted appropriately. In 2015, a total of 749 items of import provisional tariff were introduced, with an average tax rate of 4.4%, compared with the most favored nation tax rate, with a preferential rate of 60%.

Among them, the import tariff of some commodities is reduced and 17 items are added to the lower provisional tax rate. On the basis of the provisional tax rate in 2014, the tax rate of 11 items will be further reduced. It mainly involves the following four categories of commodities: one is about advanced technology and equipment, key components and basic raw materials, such as laser communication lasers. The digital optical processor lens, the mobile phone and the tablet lens, and so on. Two is the environmental protection technology and equipment, such as electric vehicle electronic control brakes, ethylene polymer battery diaphragm base cloth, etc.; three is related to resources and energy products, such as dolomite, nickel iron, and so on; four is closely related to the lives of the people, including Some drugs and general consumer goods, such as lipid-lowering raw material, Hawaiian fruit, SLR camera, etc.