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The difference between input and output of the power supply

The difference between input and output of the power supply and the harm of the reverse line are recognized.

power supply is made up of input parts (lines), body parts, output parts (lines) and other basic components. It is necessary to know clearly the input and output terminals of the power supply during installation so as to ensure the correctness and safety of the installation.

How to distinguish the location of input and output of power supply (based on our products):

A, confirm from the content of the dry glue, show the input side on one side of the "INPUT" or "input" character, connect the voltage of the AC, show the output side of the "OUTPUT" or "output" side, and connect the lamp.

B, when the electric power is used, the input line is double white, the yellow green interline is the grounding wire, the output line brown or red is "+" line, blue or black is the "-" line.

C, when the power supply uses the sheath wire, the black line is the input terminal, and the yellow green line is the grounding wire. The sheath line is white, and the output terminal is brown, and the output line is "+" line, and blue is "-" line.