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Type of dimmer

Type of dimmer

Dimmer can be classified according to control mode and application occasion. According to the control mode, it can be divided into a resistor dimmer, a voltage regulator, a magnetic amplifying reactance dimmer and an electronic dimmer, which are divided into a civil light regulator, a film and television stage dimmer, an airport light dimmer and an integrated daylight control system.

The resistor dimmer connects the resistor to the middle of the incandescent light source and the power supply, and changes the resistance value to adjust the current in the light source to achieve dimming purpose. Its disadvantages are many energy consumption, low efficiency, large volume and inconvenient control. The advantage is that the AC and DC power supply can be used without radio interference. It can be used for lighting in laboratories, audio-visual demonstration and ship navigation equipment.

A self coupling transformer for a voltage regulator. The secondary voltage is changed by adjusting the contact position between the brush and the coil wound outside the iron yoke of the transformer. It has the advantages of less energy consumption, high efficiency, increased load within rated power, and no influence on the dimming degree. The disadvantage is that it can only be applied to AC power supply, bulky, more consumption of colored and ferrous metals, and can not be controlled remotely.