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Why the Residential area need the floor socket(boxes)?

1. There are often open staircases in our homes where there is not wall on the second floor of the home. The open railing on the top of the stairs does not have a wall so a floor box is required. 

2. There are a lot of scenic places in our coutry where a home owner has glass walls to get the best view possible (mountains, lakes, ponds, etc). You can not use an outlet in glass so it is required on the floor. 

3. There are a lot of people with large homes and large rooms where there is no wall close enough for a wall outlet.

4. People like to have a floor box in their livig room where they would like to have a lamp and don't want a cord coming to the lamp from the wall. They put the floor box where they would like the lamp to be. 

5. Entertainment systems in many countries' houses are very common. Some people like to have a floor socket(box) beneath their television system and like to have all of the hook ups in the floor box like phone, power, cable, cat5, etc for all of the entertainment purpose.