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How Do I Do The Protection Of The LED Circuit-2

How do I do the protection of the LED circuit

Select self recovery fuse

Self recovery fuse, also known as polymer thermistor PTC, is composed of polymer and conductive particles. After special processing, conductive particles form chain like conductive pathways in polymers. When the normal working current passes (or the element is in normal ambient temperature), the PTC self recovery fuse shows a low resistance state. When the circuit has an abnormal overcurrent passing through (or increasing the ambient temperature), the heat generated by the high current (or the ambient temperature) causes the polymer to expand rapidly and cut off the conductive particles. In the conduction channel, the PTC self recovery fuse shows a high resistance state. When the overcurrent (supertemperature state) in the circuit disappears, the polymer is cooled and the volume is restored to normal, in which the conductive particles re form the conductive path, and the PTC self recovery fuse shows the initial low resistance state.