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New Product Release-Wireless Dimmer(Cat.No.:WF500D)

The WF500D Dimmer Switch is a perfect wireless manual and remote on/off/ dim bright control replacement of regular on/off and dimmer switch, controlling incandescent, dimmable LED and CFL. Sliding Air-Gap switch to a totally disconnect power while replacing light bulbs and preventing from leakage current from the fixture(s). The LED dimming performance may vary based upon dimmer type, model, manufacturer, circuit wiring and circuit loading. No specific recommendation on product selection and there are no warranties of performance or compatibility implied.


. Perfect Replacement for regular wall ON/OFF & Dim switch, 120VAC

. Manual and Remote ON/OFF& Dim control of any permanently installed incandescent, dimmable LED and CFL lamp fixture

. Preset light level option allows the dimmer will turn on to the light level that it was adjusted to the previous time when the light was on

. Air-Gap Switch feature meets UL requirement and disconnect power from load