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New Product Release-Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Light(Cat.No.:HJ-SEN01)

Wireless Modern PIR Motion Sensor Energy Saving LED Night Light turns on automatically when people get into 10ft detection range and automatically light off in 40~60seconds after people get out of the area. Suitable for baby room, stairway, drawer, under-cabinet, pantry, bedroom, wardrobe, workshop, bookshelf, attic, closet, basements, corridor, headboard, and other dark places in your house.


These are really nice and are an improvement on my prior set of motion sensor night lights. I leave them at key junctures around the house where I need just a bit of light to know where I'm walking (e.g., bathroom, my kid's room to check on him if he's crying) without waking myself and anyone else up further than they need to be.